Botox Jaw Reduction in Singapore. Is it suitable for everyone?

Just when you thought Botox Jaw can give you the desired face slimming effect and V-shape face, upon multiple shots, you fail to see the results and can’t help but wonder “What’s wrong?”

Some people may consider a square jaw to look too masculine, and seek ways to reduce square jaws to obtain the desired V-Shape face. Bulky masseter muscles can contribute to this square jaw appearance. This is common in Asians, younger ladies or males. Botox jaw reduction usually works best in this case.

Another common group who feel that their face is too round or seems bulky on the lower face is usually in the middle to older age group. As we age, our skin starts to sag and the original V-Shaped face (upside down triangle) becomes a squarish (upright triangle) shaped face.

botox jaw reduction

In this case, the best treatment would include face lifting, such as with HIFU or face threadlift treatments. Botox jaw reduction treatments will not help to improve this condition.

Botox jaw reduction may not be the answer to everything.

First things first, what’s the make up of the round/square jaw that we do not seem to love?

There are 4 reasons for a square jaw appearance:

  • Bone Structure
Buccal Fat
  • Sagging jowls
  • Masseter muscle

Let’s go into each one of them on a deeper layer:

1) Bone Structure –

The size of the lower jaw bone (mandible or jawbone) is wide and may cause a square-looking face. No amount of botox jaw reduction will help in this case, unless it is coupled together with bulky heavy masseter muscles. Even then, the botox jaw reduction treatment will only target the muscle and square jaw reduction is limited by the bone structure.

There is only one way to obtain a slim V-shape face from this, and it will be through surgery. There are two types of surgery, and they are called T-osteotomy and V-osteotomy.

2) Buccal Fat

botox jaw lux medical aesthetic clinic

You get the idea.

Buccal fat, also typically known as “baby fat” or “chipmunk cheeks”, can be the cause for round or wide looking square jaws. Buccal fat is usually resistant to exercise and diet, and is one of the last areas for the volume of fat to decrease in weight loss. Many complain that the fullness of lower anterior cheeks never seem to go away, even in people with low body fat content (such as gym trainers).

As such the way to overcome this can be through HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), which uses the energy to tighten and lift the skin. At the same time, the fat layer is also targeted, thus resulting in a more defined jaw line.

Another treatment method will be with the face threadlift, which uses PDO (polydioxanone) threads, inserted just beneath the skin, to effectively tighten and lift the skin. This tightening of the face can lift the buccal fat upwards, reducing the appearance of wide-looking jaw. It is also noted in some cases that the PDO face threads inserted can lead to some extent of lipolysis (breakdown of fats).

As the botox jaw reduction treatment only targets the muscle and not the fats, slimming of the face may not be optimal.

3) Sagging jowls



Sagging jowls is one of the most common problem seen as we age. This can be enhanced in individuals who:

  1. already have a certain extent of sagging skin


2. have the botox jaw procedure performed

With excessive botox jaw reduction treatments, individuals with already slightly sagging skin can develop jowling. This happens when the botox jaw reduction treatment causes the masseter muscle to shrink beyond the point of giving enough volume to the face, causing it to have a flap of “excess skin” at the sides of the mouth. Hence, it is very important to seek a certified medical practitioner to perform the treatment. In cases with a large masseter (jaw muscles) and sagging skin, giving botox jaw reduction treatment in appropriate dosage, can help in face slimming and yet prevent excessive jowling.

Individuals with sagging skin can benefit from skin tightening procedures coupled together with botox jaw reduction treatments. Skin t


ightening procedures include HIFU, Face threadlift or even with fillers for lifting.

4) Masseter Muscle

Upon overworking of the masseter muscle (through excessive chewing, clenching and grinding of teeth, the muscles can become enlarged, giving a more angular face shape.

This is when Botox jaw reduction treatment comes into place. Botox jaw reduction treatments target the masseter area and works as a “muscle relaxer.” It prevents the muscle from working too much, which as a result, shrinks the jaw muscles. As such, visible results from the botox jaw reduction treatment can be seen roughly 3-4 weeks after botox jaw injection.

Therefore, multiple injections of botox jaw reduction treatments does not necessarily result in a V-shape face. Do check with your health practitioner to assess the reason behind your round/wide-looking jawline before proceeding to the relevant treatment.



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