Botulinum Toxin IMSA Masterclass

Early Sunday morning at the IMSA Botulinum Toxin Masterclass, exploring the latest advancements in the placement of toxins and refreshing previous techniques.

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Botulinum toxin can do quite a number of things when it comes to anti-aging. Besides reducing fine lines such as crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines, it can also help in facial contouring (such as jaw reduction) and opening up the eyes.

Active and Static Lines

Fine lines can be grouped into active lines and static lines. Active lines are those that form when we use that particular muscle group such as crows feet when we smile,


frown lines when we frown

image1 (6)

or forehead lines when we look up.

botox wrinkles

Over time, repetitive actions over these areas gradually create deepening of the skin which form static lines. Static lines are lines that appear permanently on the skin even though our muscles are at rest and we are not creating any expressions. Some of these permanent lines, especially those at the glabella region ( frown lines), may make us look angry and unapproachable all the time.

image1 (4).jpeg

The red dots represent points where we would like to inject to reduce muscle activity in order to reduce frown lines.

What can we do to look less angry and to reduce these lines?

The use of botulinum toxin can help to relax these muscles and reduce the lines. For those with deep static lines, a touch of filler can help to level up the deep creases.

What brands of botulinum toxin are available in clinics?

The 3 brands that can be found in clinics in Singapore are Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.

Where else can we use botulinum toxin?

Besides its use on facial muscles, botulinum toxin can also be used on the body. This includes injection of the toxin into the calf muscles to reduce the size and also botulinum toxin injection into the palms or underarms to reduce hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Beautiful female hands with water

I’ll share some of the more advanced uses/new techniques in another post next time!

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