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Chin Fillers For Your Chin, What Can Dermal Fillers Do For You

Happened to chance upon this brochure by Allergan the other day on chin fillers. I thought it was rather nicely done, with the proportions of an ideal chin put across quite easily for most to understand at a glance.

Pardon the poor quality of the photo. I just snapped a photo of the brochure with my Iphone. Will upload one with better quality once I get my hands on them.

image1 (14)

So first up, the 1/3 rule. This is displayed clearly with the picture of the beautiful lady on the left.  Maintaining your face in 1/3 proportions, apparently, enhances one’s aesthetic appeal. Referring to part (d), the 1/3 should be measured from the base of the nose to the apex of the chin. Unfortunately, many asians naturally have a very short chin, thus leaving us with a less than 1/3 proportion from the nose down. For patients with a short chin, this is easily enhanced with the addition of chin fillers. Chin fillers when injected at the apex (c), lengthens the chin and enhances the lower 1/3 of one’s face. This also helps in creating the popular “V-Shaped” face. 

The second part: frontal projection.

It’s easy to check if your chin measures up proportionately. Take a pen, or anything straight. Align it to your nose and chin as shown in the picture on the right (( e) red arrow). Does the pen touch the tip of your nose, lower lip and chin nicely? If it does not, chin fillers when injected in the area (f) can fill out and bring the chin forward, creating more projection. A stronger chin will make the face look more proportionate and beautiful.

Short or recessed chins can easily be treated with Chin fillers. Chin fillers help to enhance the beauty proportion of a chin without having to undergo plastic surgery. The chin filler enhancement is easily done within 10-15 mins and is a simple procedure with zero downtime! 🙂


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