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V Shape Face Slimming

What is the difference between a young VS a matured face?


The inverted triangle vs the upright triangle.

Creating a V shaped face helps in maintaining the inverted triangle, protecting the symbol of youth. A slimmer lower face also creates a more attractive and ideal oval face shape. This is easily achieved with a few simple procedures.

There are two main ways to create or maintain a V shape face:

  1. Jaw reduction and chin enhancement ( Jaw Botox, Chin Fillers)
  2. Lower face lifting ( Thermage, HIFU, Thread lift)

How do we create a V-shape face?


For younger patients with less lower face sagging, the V shape face can be easily created by slimming the jaws with jaw botox and enhancing the chin with chin fillers.

Jaw reduction: Surgical vs non-surgical

There are several jaw reduction techniques available. A proper assessment by the doctor will be able to determine if the square jaws are due to the jaw bone or the masseter ( jaw muscles). For square jaws due to bulky masseters, a simple Jaw Botox procedure will be able to reduce and slim the jaw muscles. This is a safe, quick and easy procedure with no downtime. Surgical jaw reduction of the bone, on the other hand, involves an invasive procedure with significant risks and downtime. Fortunately, for a large group of Asians, the square jaws are usually caused by a genetic predisposition for bulky masseters. Large masseters can also be the cause of teeth grinding. This is easily treated with jaw botox.

Chin Fillers

Altering the contours of the chin with Chin Fillers can further enhance the V shape face and provide the optical illusion of a slimmer face. Improving the proportion of the chin to the face also enhances beauty and provides natural balance.

How is it done?

Jaw Botox is a simple procedure that involves 1-3 injection sites per masseter with almost zero downtime. Results can be seen in 2-4 weeks. Chin Fillers are injected directly to the site and immediate results can be seen. The combined procedure takes approximately 10-15 mins to perform.

Am I too young for the procedure?

Face shape contouring is one of the most popular procedures done in my clinic for the younger age group. Most of those who seek the V face treatment ( Jaw Botox and Chin Fillers) are in their twenties to forties.

How long does it last?

Depending on patient factors, Jaw Botox can last between 4-6 months. The type of filler used determines roughly how long the Chin Filler can last.  Chin Fillers can last anywhere between 6 months to a few years. (I will elaborate more on the different type of fillers available in another post 🙂

Are there any side effects?

Major side effects are rare. Some of the minor side effects from Jaw Botox include muscle weakness and smile asymmetry. Fortunately, these effects are not permanent and will wear out over a few weeks. Minor bruising or swelling can occur with Chin Fillers.

I will elaborate more on further enhancing the V shape face through lower face lifting methods in my next post!


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