Korean Ultra V Face Thread Lift Master Course

Attended the Korean Face Thread Lift and Nose Thread Lift Master Course organised by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Singapore over the weekend. Had a great time working with the other delegates from different countries and picking up tips on the latest techniques and advancements in face thread lift and nose thread lift.image10.JPG

The course was conducted by renowned Korean Plastic Surgeon Dr Sang June Rhee

Pretty happy with the results from the Face Thread Lift!

Korean Ultra V facelift


Tired of looking at your deep nasolabial folds or jowling? Keen on taking away a few years off your appearance?

Surgical facelifts are no longer the only option for face lifting or contouring. Face thread lifts are fast becoming a popular alternative with much lesser or no downtime. Thread lifts involve the use of threads that are placed under the facial skin to tighten or firm sagging skin. They are designed to hold the skin in place and provide a supportive structure. Besides face lifting, threads can also help in contouring the face, resulting in a more V -shaped face. The effects from face thread lifts can typically last between 1-2 years!

The types of threads used in this workshop were mainly mono and cog threads. The material used to make these threads are known as PDO ( polydioxanone). PDO is a type of suture material that is fully dissolvable. It has been widely used for many years in hospitals and clinics for surgery.

What happens to the threads after they are placed in the skin?

The facelift PDO threads are usually absorbed by the skin after several months. The procedure itself however, stimulates and produces collagen up to 6 months, resulting in skin lifting/ firming that lasts up to 2 years.

What are mono threads?


Mono threads are short, smooth threads that are mostly used to tighten and reduce fine lines or wrinkling of the skin. The placement of these threads stimulates collagen production in the areas that they are placed. Improvements can be seen over the course of 1-3 months. Comparatively, they do not provide as much face lifting as the cog threads.

What are cog threads?


Cog threads are essentially mono threads with barbs. Cog threads hook underneath the facial skin to give structure and support, the tension created provides the much needed lift to sagging skin. In addition, collagen formation will also occur around the cog threads and barbs. They are the most effective in face slimming and face lifting.

What is the procedure like?

A numbing cream will be applied for about 30 mins, followed by small tiny injections of local anaesthesia to further reduce discomfort during the procedure. The threads are then inserted into the skin based on the design created by the doctor to suit each individual patient’s needs. The procedure will usually take approximately 30- 45 mins depending on the number of face threads placed.

Are there any side effects?

Major side effects are rare. Some of the minor side effects that one can expect include slight swelling, bruising, minor discomfort.

Will elaborate more on the Nose Thread Lift in my next post!


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